Shopping App Provider Ranking Entangled In Mobile Merchandising Mystery


We don’t normally “go there” in this space, but it’s just too tempting.

Often marveling at the resilience of the somewhat mysterious SHEIN shopping app consistently topping our Provider Ranking, PYMNTS’ editors recently examined this astounding app, concluding that “SHEIN’s landing of the top spot officially announces its competitive presence — and loudly. It will be interesting to see how the commerce world responds.”

If this were the movie “Animal House,” the Deltas would all cover their mouths and fake cough over the words “Amazon” and “Walmart.” But this isn’t “Animal House.” Decorum, please.

That article (linked here again for link laggards) is a dead-on analysis of the kind we don’t get to do in this space, and we strongly urge shopping app aficionados and aficionadas to read it.

We merely proffer a two-minute romp through the Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps.

Romp on.

The Top Five

What was that someone was saying about the SHEIN app at No. 1? Well, it is. Again.

In fairness, not a single app has given up its top five real estate since the last cycle.

There the Amazon app sits at No. 2 again (the online goliath may spend more than $120 billion on supplies and services from over 200,000 U.S.-based businesses this year, btw).

Walmart weighs in at No. 3 another month, now leveraging contextual commerce in cookery.

Over at No. 4, the AliExpress Shopping App is chill, as eCommerce marketplaces often are.

Where are the world-class brand-direct apps? At No. 5, where Nike has been running in place.

The Top 10

Here in the antechamber to the app throne room wait the up-and-comers.

We begin with mighty mobile marketplace at No. 6, rising a spot from the last cycle.

As is now quite common, a tie appears, this month at No. 7, and pitting the eBay app against the Wish app in a kind of beautifully decorated and well-catered celebrity cage match. Both fell one chart position from the last cycle, and yet remain in this combative commercial embrace.

Stability resumes at No. 8, as the Fetch Rewards app holds its ground.

So, too, does Poshmark, well-dressed and staying classy at No. 9.

For an international flair (assembly required), we’ve got the IKEA app standing firm as furniture at No. 10 once again.

That’s your two minutes. Now maybe go shopping.