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LTK Adds In-App Checkout Experience to Creator Commerce Platform

LTK buy now cart app

LTK has added an in-app cart and checkout experience that offers brands the opportunity to expand their distribution through its creator-guided shopping experience.

The new “Buy Now with LTK Cart” feature is now available both on the company’s Creator Commerce platform and for integration on Shopify, LTK said in a Tuesday (Sept. 26) press release.

Over the past year, consumers have spent more than $4 billion on products from creators using the LTK shopping platform, according to the release.

With the introduction of the “Buy Now with LTK Cart,” the company aims to strengthen its eCommerce integration with merchants, enabling creators to provide a frictionless shopping experience, the release said. This new feature streamlines the discovery-to-purchase process, resulting in higher conversion rates for creators, as well as their brand, retail and manufacturer partners, per the release.

The custom-built “Buy Now with LTK Cart” technology allows shoppers to securely purchase multiple products from brands and retailers without leaving the LTK shopping app, per the release.

Additionally, creators benefit as they can now offer a more efficient shopping experience through their own LTK Shops, according to the press release. By having an LTK Shop, creators can establish a digital storefront that connects them with thousands of retailers.

Amber Venz Box, co-founder and president of LTK and a content creator herself, said in the release: “LTK’s Creator Commerce platform provides the eCommerce software for creators, like myself, to build modern retail empires — helping us collect, retain, nurture and grow our communities on a purpose-built, creator-first platform. Growing shopping capabilities on the LTK platform will be key to boosting creators’ digital sales over the coming years.”

LTK launched its LTK Creator app to make monetizing content — and driving sales — simpler and more direct, PYMNTS reported in September 2022. The launch of the app came at a time when influencer and creator commerce had begun heating up considerably after Apple and Google clamped down on the use of tracking cookies, making direct-to-consumer (D2C) connections aided by influencers critically important to sales efforts for many brands.

“The amazing part is how creators solve purchase confidence in a really unique and valuable way because they’ve already tested and tried all the products, and they’ve done that curation for you,” Kit Ulrich, general manager of consumer platform and experience at LTK, told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in an interview posted in July 2022.

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