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ServiceUp Adds Expedited Payment Processing to Auto Repair Shop Platform

ServiceUp Adds Expedited Payment Processing to Repair Platform

ServiceUp added an expedited payment processing feature to its auto repair shop management platform.

The new InstaPay feature ensures that auto repair shops receive their money within 48 hours of completing the repairs, the company said in a Wednesday (April 10) press release.

InstaPay is available to repair shops that are part of the ServiceUp repair network or collaborate directly with ServiceUp’s fleet and insurance customers, according to the release.

“With InstaPay, we aim to streamline the payment process, allowing repair shops to focus on what they do best — providing exceptional repairs to their customers,” ServiceUp Chief Product Officer Kunal Rupani said in the release.

The solution is designed to improve repair shops’ efficiency and cash flow by eliminating the need for them to chase down late or missed payments or wait the typical net payment terms of 30 to 60 days to receive payments, according to the release.

For ServiceUp’s fleet and insurance customers, InstaPay helps build stronger relationships with repair shops by ensuring timely payments, the release said.

“InstaPay is just the beginning of our journey toward revolutionizing the automotive repair industry, and we’re excited to continue pushing boundaries and driving positive change,” Rupani said in the release.

ServiceUp was founded in 2021 to connect customers to advocates who manage the entire auto repair process.

“By creating an end-to-end, fully automated experience, ServiceUp has taken away the headache of car repair for thousands of customers,” Brett Carlson, co-founder and CEO of ServiceUp, said in September 2022 when announcing that the company secured $14.5 million in Series A funding.

Customer experience is now shaped by smartphone expectations, so it’s mission critical for auto repair shops to have a unified platform that handles everything from scheduling to payments, Jeff Haynie, chief technology officer at auto repair shop management platform Shopmonkey, told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in an interview posted in December 2022.

“At the end of the day, a shop is really about hours and productivity around how they get customers in and out,” Haynie said. “It’s an operationally efficient business.”