PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Brexit Edition

Today is the day when Britain will decide if they should remain a part of the EU or strike out again on their own.

Numbers, of course, have been flying — how much the U.K. sends to the EU each year, what the average family will pay in a post-Brexited world, how many immigrants will be able to enter the United Kingdom each year — with little agreement on whose numbers are correct and whose are fanciful.

And while we can't predict a winner, we thought we could give you the five most important Brexit numbers to watch today.

$734 Billion | The total value of foreign direct investment in the U.K., via the EU.

$330 Billion | The total value of goods and services the U.K. exported to the EU in 2015 — about 47 percent of its imports.

500 Million | The approximate number of consumers in the EU.

5% | The percentage of U.K. citizens who are presently unemployed. The EU average is closer to 10 percent.

1.9% | The GDP growth forecasted for the U.K. in 2016, .2 percent higher than the 1.7 percent average for the EU.

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