Payroc Debuts Embedded Finance API Platform

Global payments company Payroc has debuted a new API suite and developer documentation site, a press release said, which will give technology providers more embedded payments flexibility.

The platform was intended to equip Payroc’s partners with the control to make unique payment experiences within their own technology stack, scale software and offer new funding capabilities – so partners can manage funding recipients and control distribution.

The technology will offer partners splitting funding between a cause and merchants, it can offer less friction.

In addition, it will come with a portal for developers, letting them access information easier. The suite will provide a way to “seamlessly embed” payment acceptance.

“We’re excited as this release represents a significant milestone in the evolution of our digital transformation,” said Paul Vienneau, Chief Technology Officer at Payroc. “Working closely with our developer community, we’ve delivered a simple, comprehensive, and self-guided payments ecosystem that will easily align with our partners’ needs today and tomorrow.”

In May, PYMNTS wrote that companies were rushing to adopt more embedded payment services, according to Payroc Chief Innovation Officer Joe Garza. He said independent software vendors (ISVs) are the ones charged with integrating the services to make the payments possible.

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Garza said they’re in need of partners with resources to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences.

He said that more and more these days, “without embedded payments, you do take a back seat or a lesser position in the competitive space.” He said it had gone beyond just a want — businesses need to have embedded payments to stay competitive.

That also comes with more pressure for software companies to find proper payments gateway partners as the volume of digital payments increases.

Garza said some of the things a vendor should look for included “Vertical alignment, specialized expertise, a well-defined product road map.”