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KFC’s 'Watt A Box' Will Charge Your Phone As You Eat — But Only In India

Being able to chow down on some greasy but oh-so-finger-licking-good KFC fried chicken while the box that you eat it out of also doubles as a USB charging station lends itself to all manner of fast-food jokes (after all, this is the company that brought the world the magnificence of the Double Down).

But it’s also a pretty cool idea to anybody who’s phone is perpetually on low battery mode or about to die at any moment.

Unfortunately, KFC is only offering its new 5-in-1 Watt a Box meal as a limited edition “winnable prize” at select locations in Delhi and Mumbai.

The Watt a Box is powered by a built-in 6100mAh power bank and comes packed with — alongside a heaping helping of cholesterol and trans fat — a USB cable in case you forgot that, too.

KFC India demonstrates the many practical applications of its Watt a Box in this YouTube video in which a girl is asked out via text by a boy she appears to like, only to see her phone’s battery die before she can write back. Thankfully, the Watt a Box is there to come to the rescue of not only her phone but her stomach as well and closes on the tagline challenging us all to “rethink what a meal box can do.”

Oh, the wonders of modern technology.

Now, here comes the bad news: A KFC spokesman told Fortune recently that the Watt a Box is exclusive to the company’s India market, and there are no current plans to bring it to the U.S.

What a ripoff?



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