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Uber Dominates Taxi App Service In 108 Countries

Uber is now the most popular taxi app in 108 countries.

Uber, the mobile ridesharing app, is now the most used taxi app in 108 countries, spanning everywhere from North America to Africa (well, at least when it comes to Android devices), according to a data analysis by SimilarWeb.

SimilarWeb, a London-based information technology company, tracked the use of mobile ride-hailing apps in 171 countries on Android devices and found that Uber comes out as the most dominant in 108 of those locations, including most of North American and Europe and parts of South America and Africa.

According to the report, Uber is particularly strong in the U.S., where the San Francisco-based startup is installed on 21 percent of all Android devices; in comparison, Lyft, Uber’s main domestic competitor, is installed on just 3 percent of all stateside Android apps.

Australia is also a big market for Uber, with the app installed on the Android devices of 13 percent of users in that country. Uber also dominates large swaths of territory in Europe and South America and faces little competition in Africa.

But the report also illustrates the one portion of the globe where Uber has failed to make successful inroads: Asia.

Uber already bailed out of the most populous country in the world earlier this month by selling its Chinese operation to Didi, which dominates the ridesharing market in China.

Uber also ranks behind Ola Cabs in India, while Singapore-based Grab is most dominant in Southeast Asia and Careem, a Dubai-based ridesharing company, is the most popular car-hailing app in the Middle East.



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