PayPal, PACE Telematics Bring Mobile Payments to Gas Stations

Mobile Fuel Payments

German-based mobile fuel station payments provider PACE Telematics has joined forces with PayPal to enable mobile payments at fuel pumps with a smartphone or, in Europe, an Apple Watch or Android smartwatch, according to a Wednesday (Dec. 22) press release.

The process is quick, easy and secure, according to the companies. Payment with PayPal and smartwatch is already available at more than 1,000 gas stations in Europe, including BayWa, Hoyer and team energie, with more stations being added, the announcement stated.

The PACE Drive app recognizes stations that accept mobile payments. Following the contactless transaction, fuel receipts are stored digitally in the app. The Connected Fueling independent platform can be seamlessly connected to all common point-of-service systems, allowing integration into other apps.

“Over the past two years, the importance of contactless and mobile payment methods has increased,” said PayPal Managing Director DEATCH Jörg Kablitz. “Innovative approaches are also in demand for payments at petrol stations. We are pleased to offer our PayPal customers a simple and mobile payment via smartphone and smartwatch with PACE Telematics at the gas pump.”

Mobile payments at gas stations are a new trend. Back in 2014, the Alltown mobile payments solution was in beta testing, as PYMNTS reported. The app, which was created by convenience store owner and operator Alliance Energy, LLC and Aurus Inc., was the first of its kind back then to allow for the storage of a major credit card into a mobile wallet for use at the gas pump.

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In addition to more frequency of mobile payments at gas pumps, “fueling fast lanes” could become commonplace, Don Frieden, CEO of P97 Networks, told PYMNTS in 2018. The idea, he said, is for gas station lanes to be designated for filling up the tank with speed. The lanes would accept only mobile payments, resulting in shorter lines.

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