Walletron, Speedpay Team Up To Offer Customers moBills

Walletron, the bill presentment and payment capabilities firm, announced a partnership with Speedpay, the payment services company, in which Speedpay will offer Walletron’s moBills.

With moBills, biller clients can send personalized notifications and bill information and enhance the payment experience to customers’ smartphones without them having to download an app. Walletron will also bring new capabilities to Speedpay’s clients in the mortgage, auto finance, insurance and utility industries.

“We are delighted to work with Speedpay to open a new channel of communication for their biller clients, which will streamline the bill payment process and eliminate the need for traditional paper statements,” said Garrett Baird, chief executive of Walletron, in a press release announcing the partnership.

MoBills works within the native mobile wallets of the main smartphone operating systems, including Apple Wallet on iOS and Android Pay on Android. While the digital wallets have mainly housed credit card information, Walletron said they have also supported other digital card types, such as membership cards, boarding passes and coupons. MoBills is a so-called billing card for customers that is always up to date, the company said.

“Speedpay is a business centered on the needs of our customers, and we’ve invested and innovated to provide consumers and businesses with even more choices — in channels, payment types, features and in how and where they can access us,” said Alexis Blackstead, vice president of product management at Speedpay. “We are pleased to align with Walletron to provide even more value to our biller clients and their customers.”

With moBills, there isn’t an application that customers have to search for and install because Apple Wallet is already on the phone and Android Pay is already native on the latest versions of the Android operating system. To enroll in the service, they have to click on “Save to Apple Wallet/Android Pay” from their biller’s website or even in email, Walletron said.