Speedpay Fully Integrates With Beguided’s Payment Channel

Western Union subsidiary Speedpay announced it has partnered with tech company Beguided to fully integrate its Avapay payment channel into Speedway’s platform.

Speedpay assists clients with the creation of bill presentment and payments strategies for their personalized needs. The Avapay integration – which is now available to current or prospective Speedpay customers across all industries – will provide customizable and efficient payments experience through the use of artificial intelligence.

In addition, Avapay offers a customizable virtual agent to assist customers through the entire bill pay process. It is available 24 hours a day, so customers can pay bills anytime.

“As a pioneer in the payments industry, Speedpay is dedicated to providing clients with a suite of tools and solutions that simplify the billing process, providing an efficient, convenient approach to making payments,” Frank Lockridge, senior vice president, Western Union Global Payments and head of Speedpay, said in a press release. “Beguided’s virtual agent offering is a unique solution that enhances overall efficiency by freeing up time for live representatives to tackle more complicated customer service issues. By offering this tool, Speedpay provides billers with another way to better serve their customers and improve their business processes.”

Beguided platforms integrate with client host systems to enable them to make decisions on tasks, such as informing employees about a new process, providing a space for internal groups to ask questions, offering guidance to consumers, helping consumers understand bills and resolving customer service issues.

Through the integration, Speedpay clients can reduce inbound call center traffic, boost early-stage collections and cut down 30-, 60- and 90-day delinquency.

“Beguided’s alliance with Speedpay demonstrates our lasting commitment to providing customers with tools that make their hectic lives a little easier,” said Mike Mesch, executive sales partner at Beguided. “Speedpay’s industry leadership and deep knowledge of client needs made this alliance a natural fit.”