Seamless Adds The Ability To Link Bank Accounts To SEQR

Seamless, one of the suppliers of payment systems for mobile phones, announced on Monday (Oct. 10) that SEQR customers in the U.K. are now able to quickly and simply link their bank account to the SEQR app and make payments directly from their bank account. Until now, U.K. customers have enjoyed the benefits of the SEQR prepaid account functionality; however, enabling customers to connect their bank account opens SEQR up to millions more customers who prefer direct payment over a prepaid option, the company said.

SEQR, which was developed by Seamless, is a safe, fast and easy way to pay by mobile. The only thing the user needs is the SEQR app to scan a QR code or tap on the NFC terminal. Globally, over 30 million contactless card terminals now accept SEQR.

In addition to being able to link a bank account, Seamless said customers will now also be able to make SEQR “Tap & Pay” payments at any retailer that accepts contactless NFC payments. The U.K. is one of Europe’s most advanced markets for contactless payments with approximately 500,000 terminals currently active. This is set to grow further as, in line with card network rules, no terminals without contactless technology can be sold or installed in Europe after 2018.

“The launch of these two new features represents a major leap forward for SEQR in terms of customer acquisition and payment acceptance in the U.K. At a global level, SEQR is rapidly establishing itself as the standard way for customers to pay with their mobile, adding contactless payments and direct bank account linking the U.K. will cement this position further,” said Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless, in a press release.