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Braintree Launches Ad Campaign To Boost Mobile Payment Awareness

Braintree Marks Five Years With PayPal

Braintree, the mobile payment unit of PayPal, launched an advertising campaign, which included its first ever national television ads.

In a blog post announcing the new marketing campaign, Braintree said the aim is to boost awareness about mobile transactions, which are forecast to increase 74 percent during the next two years. And yet, 42 percent of millennials limit their mobile transactions out of fear their mobile devices will be hacked. As a result, Braintree wants businesses to rethink payments, giving them the attention they warrant. “Too often we see payments treated as plumbing rather than a platform that powers businesses. And, as an end-to-end, tech-first solution helping to power commerce for some of the largest next gen businesses, we know that can be a big miss,” wrote Braintree.

Braintree said the advertising campaign brings to life its belief that payments shouldn’t be viewed as an afterthought for merchants but as an asset that is interwoven throughout a company’s strategy. “For the CEO of a company, or a financial analyst looking at costs, or even a marketer optimizing user experience — the payments experience has the ability to influence a business’s entire ecosystem. Choosing a good payments partner means better conversion. It means keeping a business more secure and helping it stay competitive. It means letting customers pay how they want and improving your user experience. Ultimately, it can mean new revenue streams.”

The ads debuted Monday (Feb. 27) in the U.S. and will also appear online internationally via websites, podcasts and also on airport billboards.

In a move to rein in the workload of Juan Benitez, Braintree announced in February via a blog post that it officially hired a stand-alone CTO. Benitez had been pulling double duty as both chief technology officer and general manager. John MacIlwaine will formally fill the role.



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