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DoorDash Enables HSA and FSA Payments on Eligible Items


DoorDash now enables customers to use their health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts to pay for eligible items at select merchants.

Beginning Wednesday (Nov. 8), consumers can use their HSA and FSA funds to pay for more than 30,000 eligible products directly on the DoorDash marketplace, the on-demand delivery service said in a Wednesday press release. Qualifying items will have an “HSA/FSA Eligible” label under their listings.

“With the launch of HSA and FSA payments on DoorDash, consumers can now get the essential health and wellness items they need, when they need them, and in a way that makes financial sense for them,” Fuad Hannon, vice president of new verticals at DoorDash, said in the release.

To get started, consumers can go to the Account tab on the platform, access the Payment Methods section and add the HSA or FSA debit card as a payment method, according to the release.

Then, they can shop for eligible items on select merchants’ store pages and select the option to use their HSA or FSA debit card at checkout, the release said.

“As part of our mission to empower local economies, we’re always working to broaden access for consumers in ways that break down barriers,” Hannon said in the release. “From over-the-counter medication and home healthcare equipment to COVID-19 test kits and family planning items, HSA and FSA payments allow consumers to conveniently and affordably shop for the products they need from the merchants they trust.”

DoorDash is among the players in the ultrafast grocery delivery market that have been diversifying and expanding into non-food verticals. For example, the firm announced in August that it had teamed up with Staples to capture consumers’ back-to-school spend. In that collaboration, DoorDash would provide same-day deliveries on back-to-school and workplace essential items ranging from pencils to printers.

The on-demand delivery service launched its first pharmaceutical collaboration at scale in October 2020 when it teamed up with Sam’s Club to deliver same-day prescriptions across 41 states. Sam’s Club said at the time that it chose DoorDash for “its commitment to quality logistics, vast geographic footprint in the U.S. and reputation for providing a reliable, on-time delivery platform.”