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Who’s Your Perfect Payments Match?

From eCommerce fraud to faster payments, checkout abandonment to consumer engagement – narrowing down the hottest topics in payments can be as easy as swiping left or right. The PYMNTS Matchmaker eBook (inspired by today’s popular matchmaking apps) shares what’s top of mind for some of the top executives across the space. Many of these issues will take center stage at Innovation Project 2016, but we got a jump on the conversations by surveying 12 of the movers and shakers who’ll attend the event.

What are the most important topics of conversations in payments today? Even more importantly, how do those thoughts and ideas align with what’s currently happening in the industry? Take a look at our latest thought leadership eBook, the PYMNTS Matchmaker App, which highlights the hot topics 12 executives from across the payments ecosystem are keeping an eye on, and see if what they’re focused on matches what you have your eye on, too.

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Please email for information on attending Innovation Project 2016, taking place March 16-17 at Harvard University.




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