Pizza Delivery … By Drone

Hungry? Drones will deliver a Chipotle burrito, and now a pizza.

After just three months of trials, testing and demonstrations, Domino’s Pizza has lift-off on its pizza delivery service in Auckland, New Zealand. Two pies — one peri-peri chicken pizza and a chicken-and-cranberry pizza — were airlifted by drone and carried out by delivery company Flirtey, according to a video of the delivery on Domino’s Facebook page.

How long did it take for the pies to arrive? Sources say two to three minutes, which is half the typical time it would take for a motorcycle to deliver the same items via the same route on the ground.

Drones have certainly gotten some nice airtime lately. Earlier this year, PYMNTS introduced readers to the “Uber of Drone Photography” via the Southern California–based Shootly. And Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, introduced the Aquila drone to Pope Francis back in August. Experts say this concept is going to pick up and take off over the coming years.

As for what is the next fast-food item arrival by drone? Well, that’s up in the air.