Millennials’ Perfect Combo: Taco Bell And Forever 21

Want to wear your love of tacos on your sleeve? And no, we don’t mean sauce stains.

Forever 21 has teamed up with Taco Bell, and the two millennial favorites are releasing a limited edition fashion collection together — marking Taco Bell’s first foray into fashion collaboration, despite the fact that competitors McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut are already there.

Fortune reported the line will include sweatshirts, hoodies, anorak jackets, tops and bodysuits — because what better way is there to show off that taco belly than in a taco-themed bodysuit? As incongruous as it may seem, the cross-pollination could help introduce new customers to each brand.

According to the companies, the clothing is “inspired by [the] iconic graphics that each brand is known for.”

Using the hashtag #F21xTacoBell, the public is invited to help inspire design details by sharing photos and videos on social media. Submitted images will serve as inspiration only, however — though they may appear on screens alongside models at a preview runway event in the Los Angeles Fashion District on Oct. 10 — and will not be used to design the actual clothing.

A ridiculous concept deserves a ridiculous execution, and that’s just what retail consultant Lauren Bitar recommended via USA Today to anyone who wishes to contribute imagery.

“The more eyeroll-worthy [styles] will no doubt do better than the styles that are more serious,” Bitar said. “With attire like this, you go ridiculous or you go home.”

The line will go straight to shelves on Oct. 11 after the preview catwalk event, following the new “fast fashion” trend. It will also be available internationally on the fashion retailer’s website.

Fast fashion is a strategy big retailers are implementing to compete with international rivals, companies that are often nimbler and can adapt their apparel offerings as needed. The typical fashion circuit runs nine months from concept to product, but in the fast fashion world, that time frame is slashed to just four months.