Quick Service Restaurants to Boost Up Tech Use

The quick service restaurant industry is always trying its best to find new ways to reinvent itself.

While some sit down restaurants have already started integrating technology into their dining experiences, the fast food industry is jumping in on the trend. The latest to join in is McDonald’s with its announcement of adding on kiosks to its locations in its “Experience of the Future” campaign.

In The Motley Fool’s latest Industry Focus: Consumer Goods podcast, the topic of how quick service restaurants are welcoming more tech integration to help enhance the customer experience.

To help cut labor costs and boost profit margins, it appears that many fast casual restaurants are looking to give customers autonomy with direct ordering via kiosks and eliminating the server aspect. The hope here is that this will also assist in ensuring the right order is received by the right person. In addition to McDonalds, Wendy’s and Panera have joined the kiosk arena. The benefits these restaurants speak to when it comes to adding in this offering is similar to that of Dominos which claims its online app ordering helps increase purchase tickets.