Title Nine Boosts Its Brand, Customer Experience

Developing a cohesive environment where both customers feel a sense of community and the website brand matches that can be a challenge.

Women’s outdoor and athletic apparel retailer Title Nine is looking to make those changes by adding Kibo’s eCommerce solution to its system. The retailer’s website has now upgraded its website for enhanced functionality, product content, personalized selling tools, improved checkout processes and a heightened mobile experience. With these upgrades, Title Nine is hoping to increase conversion rates and satisfy customer interactions.

Title Nine’s VP of marketing and eCommerce, Chrissy Ginieczki, commented on what the Kibo eCommerce solution enables and what the company’s goals are down the line. She said, “The Kibo eCommerce solution has not only allowed us to expand features and functionality of our new site, but it has created a more seamless shopping experience for our customers. Our goals with the new site were to put more emphasis on building a community of customers, and to help them more easily find the products they want. Kibo helped us achieve those goals.”

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