Yottaa Checks In On eCommerce Performance And Shopper Experience

Retail Readiness Fall Season

The eCommerce space has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the past few years. As a result, its performance has had a direct impact on the way people shop.

eCommerce cloud platform company Yottaa, Inc. announced a new research report that gives the retail industry a check-up. Retail Systems Research (RSR) evaluated 80 retailers’ websites throughout the shopping process, covering everything from page speed to end users’ experiences.

Between April through May of this year, RSR combed each aspect of retailers’ websites and took note of elements that impacted consumer shopping satisfaction. The retailers’ sites were then ranked in order of shopper experience level.

While the standard eCommerce page loading time is three seconds, this study found the average for subjects’ sites was nearly 10 seconds on mobile and 17 seconds on desktops. The longer consumers wait for pages to render, the more likely they are to leave for another site. This is evidenced by a seven percent conversion loss reported in several studies.

Another section of the report considered third-party applications. While they are meant to enhance experiences, third-party applications were often the root cause of slow page load times. This research found 50 to 75 percent of page load time was attributed to third party sites. Merchants should be strategic in selecting third-party partner companies by evaluating the speed of their delivery.

Yottaa’s CEO, Rich Stendardo, commented on this research and shared his thoughts on what will help retailers moving forward.

“As the trend of closing brick-and-mortar stores continues, retailers are heavily investing in their online channels to engage shoppers and drive revenue,” said Stendardo. “The findings of the latest report from RSR confirm two things. One is that web performance impacts online conversion. The second is that most eCommerce sites today are, to quote the report, ‘disturbingly slow.’ The findings from this report validate Yottaa’s mission to help online retailers improve performance up to 60 percent and increase conversions up to 20 percent.”