LOLA Tampon Raises $24M For Subscription Service

LOLA, a subscription service for the most personal of items — tampons, pads, condoms, lubricant and feminine cleansing wipes — has closed on $24 million in Series B funding.

The brand, apart from what it sells, sets itself apart by offering products that are organic and customizable.

“We founded LOLA with a simple and seemingly obvious idea — as women, we shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to our reproductive health,” explained Jordana Kier, who co-founded the firm with Alex Friedman.

“Like most women, we’d been using the same feminine care products since we were teenagers. But when we found out that brands — including the same ones we were loyal to all those years — aren’t required to disclose exactly what’s in their products, it made us wonder: What’s in our tampon?” Kier said.

“If we care about everything else we put in our bodies, products for our reproductive health shouldn’t be any different,” she continued.

LOLA’s tampons, pads and liners use only organic cotton and contain no fragrances or dyes.

Commercial brands tend to incorporate synthetic fibers. There is no medical proof that pure cotton feminine products are safer for women, and some doctors say there is no real difference in risk between organic and standard products. But the organic appeal is strong for LOLA’s customer base: younger millennial women.

Yet even customers who have no organic preference might like the customizable nature of the direct delivery service that allows them to custom-build their own mix of tampon sizes and designs. Particularly because LOLA’s products don’t cost more to buy: An 18-count box of applicator tampons is $10 per month; or it’s $9 each, if ordering two or three boxes per month. Non-applicator tampons are a dollar less, which is roughly equivalent to what a consumer pays for similar products off the shelf.

LOLA’s ambitions are expanding. The firm hopes to become more of a woman’s health company. In May, they launched SEX by LOLA. This product line includes condoms, personal lubricant and all-natural feminine cleansing wipes for women.

“Until now, there wasn’t really a place for women to turn to for honesty, reliability and information when it comes to their sex products,” said Kier of the new product lineup. “Historically, sexual wellness companies have been primarily marketed towards men and promote products that contain obscure ingredients and unnatural additives.”