Regal Unveils Unlimited Movie Subscription

Regal Cinemas

To let consumers see a limitless number of movies, Regal announced a paid subscription plan called Regal Unlimited. The pass is to be available on the company’s mobile app and enables moviegoers to select between three different plans based on theater location, according to an announcement.

Regal Chief Marketing Officer Ken Thewes said in the announcement, “We are excited to debut our Regal Unlimited subscription plan. This is the program moviegoers have been craving — one that is truly unlimited.”

The subscription allows consumers to watch as many standard format movies as they wish. At the same time, the company said there aren’t any blackout dates, and consumers can buy advance tickets when they go on sale. Consumers can also upgrade their tickets for special formats like ScreenX, 4DX, IMAX, VIP, 3D and RPX “by paying the usual standard upcharge” per the company.

Subscribers to the plan also receive a concessions discount on non-alcoholic beverages and food. They also receive a complimentary large drink and free popcorn on their birthdays. And consumers who sign up for Regal Unlimited are automatically enrolled in the Regal Crown Club. With the club, members accumulate credits at the concession stand and box office to earn rewards such as soft drinks, popcorn, merchandise and movies.

To subscribe, consumers download the Regal mobile app “where additional details about the program are outlined” per the company.

In separate news, AMC Theatres announced it was rolling out a new service dubbed AMC Stubs A-List last year. The program provides moviegoers with up to three movies per week, along with the other benefits of AMC Stub Premiere, for a monthly fee of $19.95 per news at the time.

With the offering, members get access to any available showtime at any AMC location regardless of the format. The program can be used on the fly or by making reservations days or weeks ahead of time.



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