Framing Smartphone Memories Via Mobile Apps

Framing Memories Captured On Smartphones

To help consumers remember their favorite moments, eCommerce innovators are making it possible for them to order framed prints from pictures they have taken on their phones. Most consumers have a large number of pictures on their phones and may find it challenging to bring them into the physical world for display. Keepsake is one company that enables consumers to upload their photos through a mobile app to be printed, framed and delivered.

Consumers who have a unique photo that they want to give as a gift or display in their homes can open Keepsake’s app and select the type of frame they would like. The frames are handmade and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Consumers can preview their pictures before ordering, Founder and CEO Adam Weiss told PYMNTS, which is a bit like selecting a filter on Instagram.

After choosing a frame, the consumer enters their shipping address and payment information into the app. Within a couple of days, their framed print will arrive at their doorstep. Alternatively, consumers can order through the company’s website.

Payments and Logistics

Keepsake accepts major credit cards or Apple Pay for payment and uses Stripe on the backend. It is currently available in three countries: Canada, Australia and the United States. Depending on where an order is placed, it will be routed to one of three of the company’s facilities to ensure that it gets filled as quickly as possible. The company ships primarily with USPS, but will also use UPS, FedEx and a couple of local carriers.

Before each frame is packaged, it is quality-checked to ensure that there aren’t any errors. It is then carefully bubble-wrapped and sent to the customer. If there is an issue with the order, Weiss said the company prides itself on offering top-tier customer service. Consumers who reach out to the company will be able to communicate with a real person to assist with their needs.

Keepsake’s target market, Weiss noted, is anyone who has an interest in either gifting or decorating with photos. Many of their consumers are celebrating milestones like moving into a new house, getting married or having a child – any occasion that they want to commemorate with a special photo.

Like many companies, Keepsake reaches its market through social media. As of the writing of this story, they have 26,000 followers on Instagram. Weiss said the company has enjoyed the benefit of repeat business and word of mouth referrals from customers.

Gift Cards

Beyond frames, the company also sells digital gift cards through its app and website. Consumers might choose to give the card to a recipient is getting married, for example, so they can use it to frame a photo from the wedding. Consumers can buy a gift card by selecting a denomination and entering their credit card information.

Keepsake’s service comes as digital cameras on smartphones are improving, and the consumer is becoming more comfortable with mobile commerce. As Weiss noted, the idea of making a purchase from a permanent app on their smartphones is becoming “more and more familiar” to consumers. Keepsake aims to provide the best customer experience as it heads into the future — whether consumers place their orders through an app or online.