New Shopping App Provider Ranking Packs In Deals and More Deals

Inflation, schmiflation. People purchase the things they need and want regardless of macroeconomic headwinds and anything else that gets between us and our stuff.

Witness the latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps, where power brands mingle with upstarts for the tens of millions of app users in the market for whatever.

The Top 5

You almost know if before we say it. The SHEIN app is No. 1. That’s fast fashion.

At No. 2, all by its lonesome, is Amazon, breaking a tie at this position last month with archrival Walmart which drops a spot to No. 3.

Nike is down one chart position to the very respectable No. 4 posting.

A new tie forms at No. 5 as AliExpress and Fetch Rewards vie for that gateway to the top.

The Top 10

A big gainer at No. 6 as wishes itself up three chart positions in a month.

The eBay app drops a spot to No. 7 this time around.

Etsy is likewise down one to No. 8 on this run of the ranking.

Out of nowhere comes The Home Depot app, suddenly appearing at No. 9.

The last tie is at No. 10 as OfferUp (already ranked) is joined by the Poshmark app.

And that’s how we do the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps, not found anywhere except right here at