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Anthropologie’s QR-Powered Pinterest Unites Online and In-Store Shopping 

For years, Pinterest has been a mecca of inspiration, a virtual canvas where consumers explore endless creative ideas, whether it’s fashion, interior design, or any other endeavor that fuels the imagination. 

It’s a platform that ignites the spark of creativity and leaves users yearning to bring those ideas to life. The rich diversity of content has transformed the way we seek and find inspiration, offering a plethora of DIY projects and aspirational lifestyles to explore and emulate. 

But what if this inspiration could be easily transformed into reality? What if the beautiful fashion ensemble, the cozy living room design, or the mouthwatering recipes you’ve been pinning could be just a click away from your wardrobe, home, or kitchen?  

In a bid to make this happen, retailer Anthropologie has teamed up with the social media platform to create an immersive in-store shopping experience, giving customers the opportunity to bring their Pinterest boards to life.  

Anthropologie will be leveraging Pinterest for visual inspiration and will introduce a Holiday Showhouse in Brooklyn Heights. 

Within the showhouse, visitors can explore an array of seasonal decorations and autumn furniture. The immersive experience is arranged within a home environment that integrates a digital element through the use of QR codes. 

In each room, there will be QR codes provided, linking to Anthropologie’s Pinterest profile to allow customers to directly purchase items from the interactive and shoppable boards on the internet.  

Additionally, the partnership integrates social media content generated by influencers who showcase the use of Anthropologie products. These influencers include prominent Pinterest creators such as Mallory Fletchall, Whitney Leigh Morris, Brigette Romanek and Benjamin Reynaert. 

“Our ambition is to inspire our community from first click, and first step, with exceptional design and quality always at our core,” said Aaron Mutscheller, president of Anthropologie Living and Terrain in a statement. “With the holiday season upon us, we felt it was the perfect time to showcase the latest furniture and seasonal décor so that our customers will have the inspiration and required resources to thoughtfully curate their personal sanctuaries.”  

Why Pinterest?

Anthropologie’s decision to partner with Pinterest was influenced by Pinterest’s trend analysis capabilities and its track record of collaborating with content creators. This choice aims to establish a connection with a new, eager and receptive audience. 

“Because people come to Pinterest to plan, we can identify trends early on, and we’re already seeing searches for holiday themes such as, ‘vintage Christmas decor ideas’ and ‘winter bedroom aesthetic’ trending high on the platform,” said Sara Pollack, global head of consumer marketing at Pinterest. “By teaming up with Anthropologie, we’re giving people more ideas on how to shop these trends and bring them to life for the holiday season.”  

With that in mind, for Anthropologie, this partnership gives them the opportunity to understand the modern consumer behavior. It also acknowledges that inspiration doesn’t stop at the virtual realm but serves as a starting point for purchases. By creating a bridge between online inspiration and in-store shopping, Anthropologie can enhance customer engagement and create a model for how other brands can leverage inspiration platforms like Pinterest to create shopping experiences. 

The partnership comes on the heels of Pinterest’s August earnings report, which indicated that its endeavors to evolve into a shopping destination are showing results. In a conversation with analysts, the social media platform disclosed that click rates and saves on posts associated with shoppable products increased by 50%, surpassing the growth rate observed in the first quarter. 

CEO Bill Ready discussed during a call with analysts that there was uncertainty about whether people would shop on Pinterest a year ago. He stated, “We have answered that question definitively.” 

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The Anthropologie x Pinterest Holiday Showhouse hosts visitors from Oct. 11 to Oct. 15. Shoppers have the option to schedule appointments from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Anthropologie also confirmed that it would have stylists available on-site to assist with any shopping-related inquiries.