Walgreens Teams With Claire’s as Pharmacies Aim to Be Consumers’ One-Stop Shop


Walgreens is adding Claire’s products to its stores, a move that comes as pharmacy chains look to grow their relevance in consumers’ day-to-day lives.

Claire’s, known for its accessories and cosmetics for young consumers, will now have a dedicated presence within Walgreens stores, arriving at more than 4,400 of the retailer’s locations by the end of the month, the fashion brand announced Tuesday (March 12).

“Walgreens is proud to offer a wide assortment of must haves for its customers,” Walgreens Group Vice President and General Merchandise Manager Dale Johnson said in the announcement. “Walgreens delights in providing products that empower shoppers to be themselves and we’re excited to add more brands to fit our shopper’s needs all in one place.”

This move to appeal to Gen Alpha and Gen Z consumers and their parents comes at a time when pharmacy retailers are diversifying their offerings in an effort to meet more of the day-to-day needs of modern consumers.

Take, for instance, Walgreens competitor CVS. Even as the retailer touts its efforts to refocus on its healthcare services sector, its website continues to advertise everything from waffle makers to mocktails to cologne. The retailer kicked off its own partnership with Claire’s back in 2017. Walgreens, for its part, sells products ranging from dress-up clothes to speakers to massage oils.

Pharmacy retailers have long been a staple in communities, providing essential medications and healthcare products. However, as other kinds of retailers have begun to encroach on their territory, with supermarket and general retail chains such as Kroger and Walmart expanding their health offerings, pharmacy retailers are in turn expanding their general merchandise in an effort to hold their own.

Moreover, the rise of online shopping has transformed consumer expectations, with the emergence of one-stop-shop digital marketplaces such as Amazon training consumers to demand more options from their merchants.

One key factor driving this expansion is the growing demand for convenience. With hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, consumers value the convenience of being able to fulfill multiple shopping needs in one location. By expanding their assortments to include everyday essentials, pharmacy retailers are positioning themselves as convenient shopping destinations for consumers on the go.

Research from PYMNTS Intelligence’s 2023 study “Consumer Inflation Sentiment Report: Higher Prices Fuel a Deal-Seeking Competition,” which drew from a survey of more than 2,100 U.S. consumers, found that 68% cited ease and convenience as key factors that influenced their decision of where to make their most recent retail purchase.

This growing demand for convenience comes as many consumers find themselves crunched for time. PYMNTS Intelligence research finds that 36% of Gen Z consumers, 37% of millennials and 36% of bridge millennials have side jobs or receive other supplemental income.

As consumers increasingly seek integrated shopping experiences, collaborations like the one between Claire’s and Walgreens serve as a testament to pharmacies’ ongoing efforts to make their stores consumers’ one-stop shop for more of their daily purchases.