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Uber for Business Adds ‘Delegate Profiles’ for Executive Assistants

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Uber for Business has designed a new tool to make it easier for executive assistants (EAs) to arrange corporate travel. 

The company’s new delegate profiles enable EAs to manage ground transportation for executives on their behalf, Uber for Business said in a Wednesday (April 24) press release.

With a delegate profile, EAs can request on-demand premium rides or reserve trips in advance for executives with a few clicks, see the cost upfront, and gain real-time trip visibility and communication so they can monitor rides and communicate with the driver via a three-way intercom, according to the release.

The EAs can also manage ground transportation for multiple executives at once and integrate Uber for Business directly into an expensing platform, the release said.

With the delegate profile, the Uber experience remains familiar, so EAs can manage travel from a desk or on the go with the experience they already know, per the release.

“Booking executive travel doesn’t always come easy for EAs,” the release said. “It may require thorough research into car services, time-consuming back-and-forths for quotes and reservations, and cumbersome booking processes that don’t always allow for last-minute changes. And that’s just the booking experience — expensing these trips afterwards is a whole other story, especially for EAs managing multiple executives at once.”

“Now, with delegate profiles, EAs will be able to facilitate a smooth travel experience in available markets,” the release said.

In another recent update to the platform, Uber for Business said in December that it integrated with expense management providers Brex and Ramp. With these integrations, receipt matching for Uber rides and meals are automated, helping companies simplify expenses and save time.

In June, the company launched Uber Business Comfort, a ride type that is exclusive to business travelers and includes priority pickup, newer cars, more legroom, highly rated drivers and custom preferences. Travelers using Uber Business Comfort also have access to a designated, 24/7 personalized support service.

The company said in December that the Uber for Business platform is used by more than 200,000 companies to provide rides and meals to employees, customers and guests. 

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