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Gemalto Launches Biometric Authentication Platform

In an announcement on Monday (Feb. 22), Gemalto, Fingerprint Cards, Precise Biometrics and STMicroelectronics said that they are introducing an end-to-end biometric fingerprint authentication solution. The unveiling has come at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The platform is aimed at original equipment manufacturers who would build it into wearable technology and other consumer-oriented technologies. The biometrics offering looks beyond the use of conventional username and password configurations and can be deployed across payments and eTicketing, in addition to strong two-factor authentication processes. The companies said the adoption of biometrics means that there is no real need to continue on with passwords or usernames. The configuration being offered here is most useful for data and secure email, as well as government ID programs, said the companies.

The companies said the initial demonstration of the product would be done via a smartwatch that features a biometric sensor, with contributions, such as software from Precise Biometrics and a secure NFC technology from STM. Gemalto said it is supplying the UpTeq eSE, through which the user’s credentials are stored, and is also providing the Match-On-Card application that actually validates the fingerprint.

According to the release, there are new opportunities in the offing with the growth and adoption of biometrics, with secure authorization that is based on FIDO Alliance specifications and allows firms and consumers access to secure mobile connectivity and eCitizen options.

Inside the biometric technologies, Fingerprint Cards offers up fingerprint sensors noted for extreme low power consumption. Precise Biometrics offers fingerprint software based on algorithms. Gemalto also has technology in place that would be used to manage the biometric solution over its entire lifecycle, via hub technology.



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