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UK Cybercriminal Gets Five Years For Phishing

The Metropolitan Police’s Falcon Cyber Crime Unit confirmed that a 29-year-old cybercriminal received more than five years in prison for his role in an organized criminal network that illegally accesses bank accounts from around the world.

It’s estimated that the cybercrime ring stole around £840,000 from victims.

Finextra reported that Tomasz Skowron was sentenced this week after pleading guilty to conspiracy to defraud, fraud and money laundering offenses. Skowron was caught by police after making several fraudulent payments into money mule accounts.

During the investigation into Skowron’s illicit activities, police seized computers and phones and used forensic analysis to find evidence of Skowron arranging fraudulent payments to be made.

“Skowron played a significant part in a wider criminal network that was responsible for several high-value frauds using malware. The proceeds of this fraud were then laundered through an organized money mule network. This conviction and sentence is the culmination of a long and complex investigation and shows that we will relentlessly pursue criminals involved in serious and organized crime online,” Detective Constable Jody Stanger, from the Met’s Operation Falcon Cyber Crime Unit, explained.

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