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560 Million Password Database Discovered

Another day, another massive database of stolen data discovered.

Security researchers have discovered a massive database containing some 560 million emails and passwords that belongs to … someone.

Who that person is remains a mystery.

The database itself, however, is not a mystery any longer since the Kromtech Security Research Center found it.  The goods news, such as there is some: most of the information is already on Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned site, which allows users to see if their accounts had already been compromised in a previous breach. So most of the data found in this database is not new — and is instead collected from other site compromises like the ones suffered by LinkedIn, LastFM, Tumblr, and Dropbox.

No one knows who actually put the database together. So far “Eddie” is the pseudonym of the creator, named after a user profile name in the data.

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