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iDefense Security Intelligence Services Snapped Up By Accenture

Accenture Threat Intelligence

Accenture announced its plan to acquire VeriSign’s iDefense Security Intelligence Services business on Thursday (Feb. 9).

The global professional services company said the purchase will enable it to deliver tailored threat intelligence services and address a growing number of enterprise security needs.

The iDefense business provides organizations with cyber intelligence capabilities related to security vulnerabilities, malicious code and global threats. The acquisition will help to boost Accenture Security’s existing Cyber Defense Services with the addition of targeted threat intelligence that will be incorporated into its portfolio of client security operation services.

“iDefense has always been recognized for our differentiated and innovative approach to security intelligence and vulnerability management. Our contextual cyber intelligence is delivered to clients in a highly consumable way, so they can confidently use it to enhance a security control, drive a course of action or mitigate risk effectively in their business,” Josh Ray, VP of iDefense Security Intelligence Services, said in a statement. “We are very excited by this opportunity to bring our unparalleled threat intelligence services to Accenture Security’s extensive portfolio of end-to-end security and technology services.

Kelly Bissell, managing director of Accenture Security, added:

“There simply isn’t enough time, budget or human resources to defend against every imaginable attack scenario or adversary without intelligent systems and automation. That’s why having the best available threat intelligence is critical to helping us protect our clients’ entire value chains, allowing them to focus on innovation and growth.”

“We are confident that the collective capabilities of Accenture Security and iDefense can help organizations better understand where threats are coming from and adjust protections before damage is done,” Bissell continued.



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