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Cloud Platform CCC Debuts Data Security Tool for Car Repair Shops

CCC Intelligent Solutions

Insurance industry cloud platform CCC Intelligence Solutions debuted a new data security tool for collision repair shops.

The new feature lets auto repairers redact the last six digits of a vehicle identification number (VIN) and personally identifiable information (PII), before sharing estimate information via EMS export, the company said in a Tuesday (Jan. 16) news release.

“Data security is a real concern for the collision repair industry as repair facilities face the risk of sensitive information being shared with third parties without their consent or knowledge,” said Dan Risley, vice president of quality repair and market development at CCC Intelligent Solutions. “By empowering repairers to redact sensitive data, we aim to help our collision repair customers protect their customers’ information while simultaneously enabling them to provide necessary information to do business with their third-party partners.”

CCC One customers can enable the new security feature while creating estimates on and configure their system by direct repair partner, according to the release.

The last six digits of the VIN, while specific to each vehicle, are often not needed for repair shops to do business with vendors, per the release. With CCC, repairers can avoid the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive vehicle details and customer information without affecting important business functions like parts sourcing.

PYMNTS spoke last year with Michael Boeke, vice president of payments product management at CCC, about the state of payments in the auto claims sector.

He said that “payments can look pretty different depending on where a carrier is in terms of their digital journey,” with those at the start of that journey still relying heavily on paper checks.

“The carriers that are sending out a lot of paper checks are still relying on legacy vendors, banks and payments providers, and they’re likely incurring some hidden costs caused by their systems not being well connected to the rest of their claims lifecycle,” Boeke said.

Among the best ways to cut down on paper payments, he added, is to embrace “intelligent automation,” which means embracing a cloud-based approach to manage integrations and infrastructure between systems that a carrier might have with other parties.

More recently, PYMNTS interviewed Kelli Svymbersky, vice president of payment at CCC, about the importance of embracing modern payment platforms to save money and improve the overall customer experience.

“Along with technical efficiencies… the payments experience is a part of the organization’s brand,” she explained.