Facebook Enters Ticket Selling Game

Facebook is beefing up its services list with enhanced photo sorting capacity, livestreaming and now concerts.

It seems Facebook is officially entering the tight and tough world of ticket sales — tentatively. As for right now, FB is partnering with a handful of venues, artists and events promoters. It also isn’t taking any cut of ticket sales at the moment. And the reach of the program is very, very limited; so far, buying tickets on Facebook is a Bay Area-only thing.

And the system clearly still has a few bugs. ETickets, for example, aren’t available as of yet; to gain entry to a concert, customers who bought on Facebook must grab their tickets at the will call window.

The addition of ticketing has long been anticipated as Facebook has spent much of 2015 exploring and expanding the monetizable and commercial parts of the site’s infrastructure. Also in the mix of recent upgrades are changes to Messenger that will make it a more useful tool for small businesses and a reliable access point between merchants and consumers.

As for rocking out care of a Facebook ticket buy, that may not be in the general public’s immediate future, as Facebook has not offered any information as of yet about the program’s expansion.


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