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CellPoint Digital and Hands In Partner on Group Payment Solutions

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Hands In, a group payments platform, has partnered with CellPoint Digital, a provider of payment orchestration services.

The collaboration aims to update the way groups pay together online, particularly in the airline and travel industries, by offering a range of split payment services, the companies said in a Thursday (Sept. 21) press release.

“This partnership underscores our commitment to driving innovation and transforming the way merchants experience payment orchestration,” CellPoint Digital Global Head of Product Tom Randklev said in the release. “Hands In’s dedication to delivering frictionless and convenient payment solutions aligns perfectly with our vision, and together, we’re poised to make a significant impact in the travel and hospitality industry.”

As travel volumes are now at an all-time high post-pandemic, there is a growing demand for personalized payment methods, according to the release. By joining forces, CellPoint Digital and Hands In aim to use their footing within the airlines and online travel agency communities. CellPoint Digital is already working with airlines such as Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Icelandair and Arajet, while Hands In is set to launch with a major European airline this fall.

The partnership seeks to expand access to Hands In group payment solutions for large airlines and online travel agencies, the release said. Through integration with CellPoint Digital’s payment orchestration platform, these organizations can gain access to more than 410 payment methods, both local and global. Additionally, they can get support in addressing fraud and charge-back challenges.

Airlines face many layers of complexity across the entire operational journey. Travelers, too, are dealing with an increasingly complex payment ecosystem, CellPoint Digital CEO Kristian Gjerding told PYMNTS in an interview posted Sept. 6.

“Payment orchestration is a core part” of streamlining the complexity, Gjerding said.

In the quest for a seamless and automated experience, airlines are exploring new solutions to enhance their voucher systems. One such solution gaining traction is the Universal Airline Travel Bank (UATB), which offers a platform for voucher systems.

With its robust features, UATB has become the go-to solution for some airlines, enabling them to issue vouchers in various forms, including single-use credit card vouchers that can be used anywhere. Payment orchestrators are also expanding their capabilities to meet the growing demand for voucher issuance, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.