EchoPay and Partner on Account-to-Account Payments for UK Wholesalers, EchoPay, A2A payments, b2b payments

EchoPay and have joined forces to introduce account-to-account (A2A) payments to wholesale merchants in the United Kingdom.

This partnership aims to significantly reduce payment costs for wholesalers by utilizing’s infrastructure, the companies said in a Tuesday (Aug. 22) press release.

EchoPay, a provider of A2A payments, offers businesses the ability to accept A2A payments at the point of sale, providing a cost-effective payment option with instant settlement and stronger security, according to the release. By leveraging’s connectivity for A2A payments, EchoPay can simplify the payment process, eliminating intermediaries and reducing charges for wholesale merchants.

The company’s A2A payment solution can be easily installed on point-of-sale (POS) terminals as a custom tender, allowing merchants to generate QR codes for customers to initiate frictionless A2A payments directly from their mobile phones, the release said.

In addition to POS terminals, EchoPay also offers merchants the option to accept A2A payments through a branded app or credit management dashboard, per the release. This flexibility allows merchants to accept payments via email or WhatsApp through a branded webpage.

James Ward, CEO and founder of EchoPay, said in the release that the company is determined to help independent wholesalers across the country improve profitability by reducing banking charges. He believes that the partnership with is a crucial step in enabling more businesses to discover the benefits of open banking-enabled payments. Ward noted that EchoPay’s solution offers a flat rate for wholesalers, which is particularly valuable for those operating in a B2B environment with high average transaction values.’s CEO, Todd Clyde, said partnering with EchoPay will bring the benefits of pay-by-bank solutions to new verticals. Pay-by-bank not only offers cost savings but also enables better cash flow as payments are settled instantly and can be allocated seamlessly for faster and easier reconciliation compared to traditional invoicing and bank transfers, Clyde added.

PYMNTS research has found that 68% of surveyed executives expect to integrate B2B payment innovations into their operations this year.

Executives across industries are scrambling for working capital and cash flow management solutions that help them get paid, as well as pay their vendors faster and more seamlessly, according to “The One-Stop Bill Pay Playbook,” a PYMNTS and Mastercard collaboration.