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UBank and Aeropay Partner on Financial Services for Gaming Industry

Aeropay, UBank, partnerships, faster payments

UBank, a Texas-based community-focused financial institution, and Aeropay, a payments technology company, have formed a strategic collaboration to provide financial services in the gaming industry.

This alliance aims to simplify in-game payments, enhance compliance and expand their reach, the companies said in a Tuesday (Oct. 3) press release.

Aeropay specializes in providing customized payment solutions for businesses in multiple industries, with a compliance-first approach to payment processing in the gaming industry, the release said. The company offers risk-managed deposits, instant withdrawals and a bank connection experience called Aerosync, designed for each vertical. 

Daniel Muller, CEO of Aeropay, said in the release that the collaboration aims to offer operators and developers payment solutions that will address the unique challenges of the gaming industry and redefine the gaming landscape.

Justin Armstrong, president of UBank, added that the while UBank holds its community banking values dear, it also recognizes the importance of innovation. Together with Aeropay, they aim to prioritize relationships, serve communities better, and stay up to date with technological advancements.

PrizePicks, a fantasy sports operator, is also in partnership with Aeropay, according to the press release. The collaboration has elevated the player experience through speed, security and accessibility.

Businesses are adapting to the evolving payment landscape and meeting the changing needs of their customers by considering alternative payment platforms that strike a balance between reducing costs and providing a seamless customer experience, Aeropay Chief Revenue Officer Andrew Gleiser told PYMNTS in an interview posted in August.

They are also embracing technological advancements to move ahead in the fast-paced payment landscape, Gleiser said.

“Payments is experiencing kind of a second renaissance, if you will, with the rise of alternative payment options such as buy now, pay later, wallets and bank payments,” Gleiser said. “Businesses are spending a huge amount of time and money on UX [user experience] improvement, figuring out how they can improve the customer experience.”