Stripe Hires AWS Exec For CRO Position

Stripe, the San Francisco-based company which works to build economic online infrastructure, announced in a press release that Mike Clayville, a 36-year sales veteran of companies like Amazon Web Service (AWS), VMware and BEA Systems, would be joining to help grow the company's global sales organization.

Clayville’s role will be chief revenue officer, and he will be in charge of scaling Stripe to meet the challenges of the new online digital world economy, working to enable more startups and enterprises with new technology, the release stated.

AWS grew around $43 billion in yearly revenue under Clayville's lead, working in cloud services for companies around the world, according to the release. Clayville was in charge of building AWS's customer base for millions of businesses, helping to start revenue streams, streamline operational efficiency and reduce risk.

As Clayville joins Stripe, the company is working on new ways to acclimate to the current economy, working with Instagram to help fundraise for personal causes and Notarize to help keep notaries working from home. In addition, the company is working with Zoom to help enable the now-ultra-popular video chat app for hundreds of millions of users, the release stated.

Clayville cited the company's work in scalable operations as why he was interested in coming aboard.

“Stripe is at the sharpest point of its inflection curve, and there couldn’t be a more exciting time for me to join,” Clayville said, according to the release. “One of my greatest passions is helping to build scalable go-to-market organizations, which is why I believe joining the Stripe team now is the right move for me. Stripe has powered digital pioneers and market disruptors across all industries, and I’m excited to join at the building phase of a company operating on such a long time horizon."

The pandemic has been a positive for Stripe, PYMNTS reported, as the company has helped clients to manage subscriptions and pay from home. Stripe is also implementing features to access grocery and restaurant deliveries.



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