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NEW REPORT: Keeping Up With The ‘Nitty-Gritty’ Of Subscription Payments

With technologies like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies leading the way, the platform-payments space is currently one of the fastest-changing in the world. So, how can platform providers – and the providers who serve them – keep pace in this ever-shifting landscape?

The October edition of the PYMNTS Payments Powering Platforms Tracker™, powered by WePay, features the latest headlines on how payment platforms are adapting to a changing space by adopting new technologies and business models.

Around the Platforms World 

You might say that bitcoin is having a bit of a moment. The market value of the electronic cryptocurrency has surged by more than 300 percent this year alone, and recently, several platform providers made headlines by announcing a series of new cryptocurrency features and products.

Payza, for one, added a new feature to its bitcoin wallet platform. Known as the Cryptocurrency Address Manager, the feature enables Payza users to create a unique bitcoin address and QR code, and is designed to make transfers between members simpler and faster.

Meanwhile, Overstock has seen its stock price skyrocket recently. The company posted its greatest increase since January 2014 after it announced that its subsidiary, tZero, would roll out its own bitcoin trading platform. In the announcement, tZero said it would move to launch an alternative digital coin trading system for coins issued in initial coin offerings (ICOs).

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Building a Business on the Nitty-Gritty of Subscription Payments

Like bitcoin, subscription commerce has been thrust into the headlines lately, as demand for monthly deliveries has soared to new heights in recent years. But all that popularity isn’t worth much if the platforms providing those on-demand services can’t receive recurring payments. 

Krish Subramanian, co-founder and CEO of the subscription management platform Chargebee, told PYMNTS he has become familiar with the friction of subscriptions, including the challenges surrounding adding new payments and keeping up with the ever-changing ways that consumers want to pay.

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The PYMNTS Payments Powering Platforms Tracker™, powered by WePay, serves as a monthly framework for the space, providing coverage of the most recent news and trends, along with a provider directory highlighting the key players contributing across the segments that comprise the payments-integrated platform ecosystem. 


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