Network Security Firm CUJO Raises More Capital

International expansion is on tap for CUJO, a U.S.-based company whose artificial intelligence-powered software platform enables in-home network security for network operators, after a Series B funding round.

“This investment round will help CUJO AI meet growing international demand, particularly in North America, Europe, and APAC,” a spokesperson for the company said. “In addition, CUJO AI will continue to scale the business and hire world-class talents for its AI-powered technology, cyber analysts and commercial teams around the world.”

Charter Communications led the latest CUJO funding round.

“CUJO’s leading edge technology will help Charter enhance its superior connected home experience, providing customers advanced security, privacy and additional control over their in-home networks,” said Andrew Ip, senior vice president of emerging technology and innovation for Charter Communications, in a statement.

Neither Charter nor CUJO would disclose how much the company raised in its funding round, nor would the CUJO spokesperson give more details about how Charter and CUJO might work together.

“Our investors do not want to disclose the amount,” the CUJO spokesperson said. “Today CUJO AI (is valued) in excess of $100 million.”

According to the spokesperson, the CUJO platform “creates intuitive end-user facing applications for LAN and wireless (mobile and public WiFi), powered by machine learning and real-time data. Each solution can be implemented as a white-label offering.”

The CUJO funding round and plans for hiring and expansion come as consumers are increasingly doing commerce and payments from their homes and various mobile devices, and as web-enabled appliances, cars and other objects connect to the so-called Internet of Things.

“Network operators that deploy CUJO AI solutions on their infrastructure provide personalized customer experience, offer advanced protection and ensure seamless device management on home, mobile and public network,” the CUJO spokesperson said. “The platform helps various departments reduce costs, save time and deliver additional value to their customers.”