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FuboTV CEO Says Consumers Interested in Streaming Super App

FuboTV CEO Says Consumers Interested in Streaming Super App

With the proliferation of streaming subscriptions making it difficult for many consumers to figure out how to watch their favorite content, demand is emerging for more unified platforms.

Streaming service FuboTV, for its part, is targeting the demand for consolidated platforms, as CEO David Gandler told analysts in a presentation at the 26th annual Needham Growth Conference Wednesday (Jan. 17).

“From a consumer perspective, I believe one single app fully aggregated where people can discover content — [one that can] all be personalized, easily accessed, one bill — [our] job is to manage that relationship,” Gandler said. “So, from a subscriber perspective, I think that we’re able to continue to drive growth because of the way we positioned ourselves in the market.”

More streaming platforms are finding ways to unify and consolidate their offerings, launching add-ons and subscription bundles. For instance, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max announced last month that it was making its content available through YouTube’s Primetime Channels, as Paramount+, AMC+ and Starz had already done.

Additionally, a report last month noted that Apple and Paramount were in talks to bundle their streaming services at a discounted price.

Plus, Hulu offers the option to stream its content through the Disney+ app as well as to view HBO content via the Hulu app. Amazon Prime Video offers the option to add channels, including Max, Paramount+ and others, through the Prime Video app. Overall, platforms are trending toward this kind of unified app experience.

Consumers can get overwhelmed by the number of streaming services out there. Streaming cancellations are on the rise, and roughly 1 in 4 U.S. subscribers to major services like Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ have canceled at least three subscriptions in the last two years.

According to findings from 2022 highlighted in PYMNTS’ Subscription Commerce Tracker®, 55% of consumers think there are too many streaming options, and 58% of Americans subscribed to video streaming services are subscribed to three or more platforms.

Many consumers want their digital routines to be consolidated into unified platforms. The PYMNTS Intelligence study “Consumer Interest in an Everyday App” found that 35% of U.S. consumers are very or extremely interested in an everyday app — a single online app that allows users to connect and coordinate activities in one online space.

The study also found that 59% of these consumers would want such an app because it would offer seamless integration of payments, and 44% because it would enable them not to have to navigate multiple apps or sites.

As streaming services look to consolidate, YouTube may have the advantage. PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps, which compares leading players based on factors including channel coverage, downloads and usage data, has the Alphabet-owned video platform in the top spot, scoring 91 points, ahead of runner-up Netflix, at No. 2 with 86 points, while other video platforms are further down in the rankings.

As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, the demand for unified platforms will likely grow. Consumers are seeking simplicity and convenience in their digital routines, and streaming services are responding by exploring ways to consolidate their offerings.