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Ordergroove Launches Subscription Bundle Suite to Offer Flexibility

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Subscription solutions company Ordergroove is introducing the Ordergroove Bundles Suite, which allows merchants to be more flexible in catering to diverse subscriber preferences.

Through a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs), retailers can provide their customers with high-value subscription bundle experiences, including Fixed Kits, Build Your Own Bundle and Rotating Clubs, the company said in a Wednesday (Feb. 21) news release.

Ordergroove noted that it serves retailers such as FreshpetHotel ChocolatThe Honest Company and Good Ranchers, which have recorded growth in customer lifetime value and recurring revenue because of the subscription bundle offerings.

“The ability to give a pet parent a bundle of the optimal recipes for their pets’ sensitivities and health goals is critical to our Freshpet Custom Meals proposition,” Jessica Sobel, vice president of strategic growth initiatives at Freshpet, said in the release. “Ordergroove Bundles Suite enables us to offer that solution to a pet parent and also offers the pet parent the flexibility to change their bundle, which creates the best personalized experience for our subscribers.”

Good Ranchers Chief Operating Officer Jermain Gil said the company saw a 56% increase in customer lifetime value after implementing Ordergroove Bundles Suite.

Last week, Ordergroove announced a partnership with composable commerce firm commercetools to promote flexible subscriptions. 

The collaboration allows brands and retailers to glean recurring revenue while helping commercetools customers thrive in retail and eCommerce space, PYMNTS reported Feb. 14. 

Merchants on commercetools can offer customers flexible subscription models including single product subscriptions, bundles, boxes and clubs, according to the report.

However, partnerships and bundles may not be enough to foster loyalty among subscribers.

The subscription merchants who do best stand out in the crowd thanks to superior customer support and flexible subscription management, PYMNTS Intelligence has found.

According to “The Retail Subscription Features That Make Top-Performing Merchants,” a PYMNTS Intelligence and collaboration, customer support and subscription flexibility are key to winning consumers over in a crowded subscription market.

Sixty-seven percent of these merchants offer live help to their user base, and 100% offer features to pause or skip the service, significantly higher rates than their bottom-performing counterparts, PYMNTS Intelligence found. These features are crucial to addressing subscribers’ expectations for support and control over their subscription experiences.