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Emtec’s Launches OptimateIQ Platform to Automate Logistics Operations

Emtec Digital, a technology provider for the supply chain and logistics industry, has launched OptimateIQ, a platform to support and enhance supply chain processes through its automation-as-a-service capabilities.

OptimateIQ offers a range of productivity enhancement services, including automation-as-a-service, copilot and conversation-as-a-service, according to a Monday (Nov. 6) press release.

OptimateIQ is designed to streamline operations such as appointment scheduling, spot quoting, load-board posting, carrier onboarding and compliance.

According to Sunil Misra, CEO and president of parent company Emtec, said, “With OptimateIQ, we aim to make automation, at a higher scale, accessible to everyone. It is possible because we own the infrastructure ourselves, and our pay-as-you-consume model requires no capital investments from our customers. Furthermore, our built-in support for several data and software service providers makes it an easy platform for integration.”

Sachin Ghaisas, managing partner at Emtec Digital, pointed out the platform’s ability to automate up to 90% of everyday manual tasks in supply chain and logistics operations.

PYMNTS reported in August that the Financial Times found that companies like MaerskSiemens and Unilever are using generative artificial intelligence (AI) to source new supplies, finalize contacts and make sure they aren’t doing business with companies tied to environmental and human rights abuses.

The report notes that new supply chain laws in countries like Germany, requiring companies to track environmental and human rights issues in their supply chains, have fueled interest and investment in the sector.

Navneet Kapoor, Maersk’s chief technology officer, said “Things have changed dramatically over the past year with the advent of generative AI,” which can generate conversational responses to human prompts.

In December, the report said, Maersk helped provide $20 million in funding for Pactum, a San Francisco company that says its ChatGPT-like bot has negotiated contracts with suppliers for Maersk, Walmart and distribution group Wesco.

Meanwhile, the shipping industry is under increased pressure as global demand for moving containers by sea continues to decline.

Maersk CEO Vincent Clerc said earlier in August that customers have been reducing their inventory and there is no sign of this trend ending any time soon.