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Today In Data: Apple's Piece Of The Smartwatch Pie

Watches have certainly seen an evolution over the years. First there was analog, which turned into digital and now smartwatches are the new watch du jour. And while there are many different branded smartwatches, Apple is taking on a significant part of the smartwatch pie.

It can be argued that out of all the available smartwatches, Apple’s is the largest, but that has not been confirmed. What is happening is that Apple has worked tirelessly to add on integrated features to help streamline its smartwatch wearing experience. While companies like Samsung, LG, and Huawei have seen a decline in wearable shipments, Apple has seen an increase.

Here are the numbers:

20 million | Expected total number of Apple smartwatches to be sold in 2018

15 million | Expected total number of Apple smartwatches sold in 2017

4.5 million | Amount of expected Apple smartwatches shipped in Q4 2017

60 percent | Expected increase in wearables within the U.S. by the end of 2018

15 percent to 21 percent | Amount of U.S. consumers using smartwatches for daily activities

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