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Today In Data: Conquering New Territory

BlueSnap Expands Global Gateway

A global marketplace requires a global economy, and these players are scooping up territories like it’s Settlers of Catan. Online shoppers and travelers have more ways to pay in more places than ever, and increasingly simple, secure methods for doing so.

Here’s how some big names got even bigger this week, by the numbers…

2,000 | Hong Kong stores accepting Alipay (Alibaba’s mobile payment unit) now that it has released a version of the service in Hong Kong dollars. Alipay was previously only available in yuan. Alipay aims to convert more than 8,000 Hong Kong stores from the yuan-based service to the Hong Kong dollar-based one.

11 | Russian time zones where users can make mobile purchases using Google’s Android Pay since Google rolled out the service on May 24. Russia now has total coverage across all of its time zones.

14 million | U.S. visitors to Canada annually, who will now be able to use an American Discover card in the Great White North thanks to Discover Global Network’s partnership with Desjardins Group, announced May 24.

$9.4 million | Total amount raised by Coins, Southeast Asia’s leading blockchain-enabled mobile payments platform, in its Series A funding round led by Naspers. Coins plans to expand beyond its home markets in the Philippines and Thailand to serve other markets where consumer access to credit, banking and remittances is limited or prohibitively expensive.

3,000 | Ink and paper books in stock at Amazon’s first New York City bookstore as it expands into the market it cannibalized. The store opened in the Shops at Columbus Circle on May 25.


New PYMNTS Study: Subscription Commerce Conversion Index – July 2020 

Staying home 24/7 has consumers turning to subscription services for both entertainment and their day-to-day needs. While that’s a great opportunity for providers, it also presents a challenge — 27.4 million consumers are looking to cancel their subscriptions because of friction and cost concerns. In the latest Subscription Commerce Conversion Index, PYMNTS reveals the five key features that can help companies keep subscribers loyal despite today’s challenging economic times.

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