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Matching Digital Security To Digital Services

Consumers are leading lives that are increasingly digitally mediated, particularly as their commerce lives are increasingly defined by multichannel interactions. There are a lot of opportunities in there — digitization and urbanization will make smart cities, making the realm of science fiction a reality. It will be possible to support emerging areas, such as the gig economy, with innovative new service products like insurance. However, with opportunity comes risk, like a virtual dark army targeting all those transactions, particularly here in the U.S. There are technological solutions to protect that data, but — no matter which expert one asks — the consensus is that constant vigilance needs to be combined with all of them.

40 percent: Share of all packages ordered online expected to be delivered within two hours by 2028.

70 percent: Share of customers who have purchased packaged goods online.

60 percent – 70 percent: Share of data breaches that happen in the United States.

2/3: Share of the world’s population forecast to live in cities by 2050.

$600: The monthly cost of insurance that New York requires ridesharing drivers to carry.


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