Restaurant Takeout, Meal Kits Cater To Convenience

Consumers are trading tables and booths at restaurants for their own homes, opting to take away food from QSRs instead of dining in. Even when it comes to groceries, consumers are looking for convenient choices, such as prepared foods and meal kits. In the retail space, fragrance subscriptions show promise, as are off-price home furnishing stores. In terms of work, Generation Z is looking for more payment options when it comes time to get paid.



44 percent: The proportion of consumer spend on food that comes from restaurants, rather than on groceries for home.

$35 billion: The sales generated by prepared foods and meal kits sold in grocery stores in 2017.

47 percent: The percentage of Generation Z who are willing to turn down a job if they are unable to choose how they get paid for their services.

$18.6 million: The amount fragrance subscription service Scentbird scored in Series A funding last month.

400: The number of HomeSense stores TJX plans to open across the U.S., at a rate of 20 to 25 locations per year.