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Today in Data: Retail Payments Gone Digital

The fact that things are going digital isn’t shocking or even news – it has seemingly been the drift of things for over two decades. But the speed at which some things have already made the switchover – payments and lending spring to mind – is impressive. And the speed with which relatively new ideas in digitization – speakers and identity, for example – have come from out of nowhere to dominate conversations in only the last few years. The world, it seems, isn’t going digital, it’s already mostly gone digital – leaving consumers and businesses to catch up.


$2.7 trillion: Estimated value of the global digital payments market by 2027.

100 million: The expected installed base for smart speakers by the end of 2018 – 2.5 times the installed base at the same time in 2017.

$750: Average ticket size for a purchase financed through Affirm.

77 percent: Share of mobile debit payments made via Apple Pay.

60: Approximate number of nations that, as of November 2018, were pursuing a digital identity plan.