Today In Data: Keeping Hold Of The Slippery Digital Consumer 

The good news about modern digital customers, particularly younger ones, is their consistent willingness to try new things, such as new stores and new delivery experiences. Novelty has a good deal of power for consumers constantly connected to a wide variety of commerce channels. And, as 4G is giving way to 5G, those connection points are going to proliferate, creating a host of new changes to hook consumers. The challenge is that for all the changes to recruit new customers, there is also a host of new channels that may take existing customers.


$3.5 billion: Value of the deal between T-Mobile and Nokia to give T-Mobile “end-to-end” 5G access.

30 percent: Share of bridge millennial consumers reporting having switched to or tried a new retailer in the last month.

24 percent: Share of customers who wish to have their grocery orders shipped to their homes.

19 percent: Share of consumers who have switched grocery retailers in the last three months.

2 percent: Share of J.Crew’s total collection available for sale on Amazon.