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Consumers Increasingly In The ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Mood

Consumers Increasingly In The ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Mood

The holidays are here, and that means wallets and purses spring open. Debt loads have been getting heavier too.  And among those who may a bit “credit shy,” especially younger consumers, buy now and pay later options are gaining traction. The Buy Now, Pay Later Tracker shows that flexible retail solutions can unlock the purchasing power of Generation Z and millennial shoppers.


$1T: Amount U.S. consumers are expected to spend during the 2019 holiday season.

52 percent: Share of millennials who believe it is acceptable to take on debt during the holiday season.

$2,225: Average individual retail spending per year for U.S. bridge millennials.

30 percent: U.S. consumers who have “buy now, pay later” accounts.

48M: Number of Americans still paying off debt from the 2018 holiday season.