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Creating The Right Customer Experiences

Creating The Right Customer Experiences

Building the best possible consumer experience is the focus of many retailers and FIs – even though there is probably no one right answer. One market’s perfect solution might just crash and burn in a different context where the same rules don’t apply. And, of course, the rules can change rapidly, and what does and doesn’t make a good experience shifts accordingly. With so many options and changes, the challenge lies not in building a good customer experience, but in building a bunch of them.


1.3 billion: Number of daily active users Facebook reported in Q2 2017.

$1 billion: Threshold for funding Libra and creating the currency.

$500: Projected value of the digital transactions in India by the end of 2020.

57.4 percent: Share of small FIs where innovative efforts are focused on customer experience.

45.7 percent: Share of budget that FIs dedicated to innovation in Q4 2018.


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