How Payments Trends Will Shape Retail In The 2020s

How Payments Trends Will Shape Retail In 2020s

The combination of smartphones and apps have changed how consumers shop and pay over the past decade. But in many ways, the 2010s were the warmup act for the transformation yet to come. Seven trendlines will influence the direction of the new decade, including the rapid acceleration of cash to digital payments, the rise of on-call commerce and the global game-changer of voice. All this, Today in Data.


370M: Number of new mobile users expected in Southeast Asia in the next five years.

$341: Average worldwide cost of a smartphone today.

30 percent: Minimum share of consumers who report owning a voice-activated speaker.

25B: Minimum number of devices that will be capable of interacting with the internet by 2025.

5.1B: Number of people in the world who have a smartphone.